How Long Can A Cat Go Without Eating? – You Need To Know
Published on:July 7, 2020
How long can a cat go without eating
Proper food is essential for cat life. They need proper food to stay strong and healthy. Cats at any age need nutritious food for all day. And giving food and water properly is part of proper cat care. Conscious cat owners provide food on time. But the cat can refuse to eat sometimes. It’s a normal scenario that your cat does not want to eat food. But as a cat owner, you should not ignore this behavior. You must monitor that your cat is eating foods regularly. One question is asked by cat owners all around the world that how long it can stay without eating. This article will give a solution to all your

How long a cat can stay hungry?

All cats can’t survive without having foods or water for a long time. But for keeping it alive and function properly, it needs nutritious food. In this way, cats need proper nutritious foods and water properly. But it can stay for two weeks at least without taking any food. It needs water mainly. If it’s not getting water properly, it will not live for a few days. This can do dangerous harm for the cat health if it’s staying along without taking foods.

Do you think that your cat is not eating?

The scenario can be the opposite. Sometimes it happens that the cat does not want to eat foods. This is a different scenario. If you see that your cat is not eating or it cannot tolerate the food smell, you have to go for a vet. At first, you must check whether your cat is eating properly or not. Now it’s time to go for a regular check-up. It will lose the nutrition required as well as energy. Besides, it will find damage to some of its internal organs like the kidney, stomach, and liver. Irreplaceable damage can happen to the brain and heart of the cat. So you should take your cat to a vet for a check-up while you find that it doesn’t want to eat. After taking it to a vet, the vet will have an emergency check-up. This is how the treatment process starts.

What will it do if it’s hungry?

It’s a normal scenario that cats will be hungry. Even after you have feed the cat it will feel hungry. You will experience this if you have cats. When you are done with feeding breakfast or dinner, it will still scream for food. And if it sees any sort of food in front of it with its owners, it will be screaming more. It is one of the natural behaviors of cats to start scream seeing foods. And every cat owner is conscious of this behavior. The main thing is whether you have given food to it or not, it will keep on screaming. If it’s an active and playful cat, it will scream more for food.

Keep in mind that it can be hungry at any time. But you shouldn’t be bothered and disturbed. You have to give food to it. Do not keep it hungry for a long time. That will be more harmful to cat health.

Well, what you should do if it is not eating?

The first thing that you should do is give much importance to the fact. Because there must be a cause behind it. For identifying the main problem, you have to visit a vet. You can get canned food for the cat as canned foods are nutritious as the cat finds it delicious. If it is not eating cat foods, you can try something new. Change food habits and get new food.

Do not be worried when it’s not eating. I know it can be stressful and unfamiliar for cat owners. But you have to keep patience. Regardless of any reason whatever it is, if your cat does not eat or drink for 24 hours, make an appointment with a vet without making any delay. Do not neglect the fact while it’s not eating totally.

Change the food habit

Bringing change to the food habit can bring an overall change to its health and eating behavior. Besides eating one sort of cat food for a long time can make the cat bored. In this way, you can change the food habit to make a big difference. It may take time for the cat to cope up with the new food. Some nutritious cat foods are made especially for cats. These come with specific purposes like recovering the illness of cats. Thewet cat foods can be a great choice for cats.

Give it VitaminB12 

You can give VitaminB12 to your cat but if your vet advice. VitaminB12 works as an appetite enhancer for cats. Whether it wants to take vitamin or not, you should try to give it the least amount of vitamin.

Heat the canned food 

If your cat finds it cold with wet food, give it warm food. Cold and warm cat food does not taste the same to cats all the time. It prefers the food if you give it the warm food.

Place cat food in a safe place 

Cat foods need a safe place to keep it. Changing the location of keeping the food at a safe place can reduce the level of stress.

Cats have a nature to hide their sickness. Even cat owners do not notice that it’s sick somehow. No matter what happens, you have to know how your cat is feeling. As it’s related to food and nutrition, it must have an impact on cat health. Hope that you have read the article and understand the entire facts. Now you know how long a cat can stay. Now you can on checking the cat health if find a slight difference.

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