How Long Can a Cat Go Without Water?
Published on:August 22, 2020
How long can a cat go without water

A question arises in cat owners’ minds that how long can a cat go without water. Caring, responsible, and loving cat parents always are conscious of cat health. They want to provide adequate water and nutritious food. If they find that their cat is sick, they become worried. When cats stop eating or drinking water, they have a different cause. Even it can turn into a serious situation. So you must know how long it can survive with water. This article will help you to know everything in detail.

How long can a cat stay without water?

Cat owners try to provide the best food and all other things to their loved ones. Whatever it needs, they want to give it the best things at any cost. Cat owners are happy when their cats are happy. But sometimes they can be busy with their works and cant gives it food and water at the right time. What happens then? How long it can stay without drinking water?

In the last year, I went on a tour out of the town for one day. When I reached the station, suddenly I noticed that I have not given water to my cat. I just called my servant quickly and ordered to give water to my cat. Because it can not stay without drinking water for a long. I was not so confident that it would be thirsty.

A cat can stay for a few days only without drinking water. It can survive without food. But don’t think that it can survive without drinking water. Water is one of the most essential elements for cats. They need it for healthy growth. Keep a bowl of water in your home. You will see that it is drinking water when it is thirsty. Staying for several days without water will cause death for cats at a time. At a time it will feel pain in its body. And lead to death.

It’s rare if a cat survives without water. Ensure that water is available in your home. It will not be a wise decision to leave the cat at home without water.

How much water your cat needs?

Cat drinks water when it feels thirsty. If you keep a bowl of water in front of your cat, it will drink when it needs to drink. But you need to know the amount of water your cat is in need of. Several signs in your cat will say that your cat is getting the right amount of water. Consider the following facts to know that your cat is getting the right amount of water.

Age :

If it’s a small cat, it needs less water. But if it’s an older cat, it will need more water. Because it can dehydrate faster than a kitten. So kittens don’t need more water.

Food :

What’s the food habit of your cat? What does it prefer to dry food or wet food? Cats with dry food preference need more water. But if it prefers wet food, it needs less water. Mainly a cat has to drink 2 to 4 ounces of water daily based on its food consumption.

Indoor or outdoor cat :

Cat staying inside or outside affects the consumption of water. If it’s an indoor cat, it will need less water during the summer. Outside cats need more water in the hot weather.

Tenderness :

When a cat is in anger mood, it needs more water. If it’s frightened or exciting, it will need more water. When it’s anxious about something, it needs to drink more.

If the cat urinates regularly, it’s getting enough water.

Cats with elastic skin and free of dryness indicate that it’s getting enough water.

What can you do if your cat refuses to drink water?

Have you noticed that your cat is not drinking water? In most cases, cats refuse to drink water after eating foods. Do not leave it. Talk to a vet as soon as possible. But try to make it drink water by yourself. You can get cat fountains. I hope this will work.

You can work in a tricky way. Feed it canned food. It’s an effective way to feed liquid to your cats. You can make your cat drink how much water it drinks willingly. Canned foods are a source of nutrition. As your cat don’t want to eat food or water, do something different. Change the bowl. Bring a new bowl for it.

It a matter of stress for cat owners when the cat doesn’t drink properly. But don’t get stress. Try to identify the reason. Talk to the vet immediately. Take an appointment and visit with your cat. Don’t ignore the problem.


How can you encourage the cat to drink water again?

It doesn’t matter if cats refuse to drink water. Cat owners always try to encourage them to drink water. Sometimes they refuse to drink without any cause. But you have to find creative ways to encourage it to drink water. Cat owners often want to know this. If there is no health hazard, you can go through the following tricks. These will make your cat drink water.

Keep it in an attractive place :

It can be like your cat does not want to drink water from the older spot. If it doesn’t want to share the water bowl, give its own bowl. Take the bowl into a new attractive place. Your cat may like the new spot.

Add flavor:

It can be like that the cat does not like the smell of the water. Whether it smells good to you or not, it can smell disappointing to it. Apply a trick here. Add tuna juice or salmon juice with water. Now it will bring better taste and a better smell.

Cat fountains :

Maybe you are giving water to it in a bowl. But it doesn’t like that. Cats like moving objects. Moving things attracts them. Water can move in anywhere. Get cat fountains. Now your cat will play with water and drink it.

Refill cat bowls :

Cats prefer drinking fresh water. Regularly change the water in the bowl. Wash the cat bowl properly. Don’t leave it dirty. Wash the bowl with soap.


Final words

It’s one of your responsibility as a cat owner. You have to ensure proper food and water for your cat. If you care for your cat properly at home, it will not create any health problem. Remember that drinking water properly ensures good health for cats. Cats never reveal is they are sick. Identify if it is facing any health hazard. Notice any change to its health. Ensure that you have given water to the cat before you leave home. You are already known everything detail from this article. Help it to drink more and stay healthy. Avoid various disorders.

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