How long does a cat live?
Published on:November 24, 2020
How long does a cat live


Every cat owner desires that their cat live long. But it’s the rule of nature that it has to die at a time. Still, cat owners never want the cat to let go. That’s how one question arises in a cat owner’s mind that how long it will live. It’s a natural fact to question the cat owner’s mind while watching the cat growing in front of your eyes. But no one can answer the question mainly. It is predicted that a cat can live for 14years at on average. It depends on several facts like the environment, health, and diet of the cats and some other circumstances. This article is going to answer each curiosity. And if you are a cat owner, you must read the full article because we have added something essential for you to know.

What is the average lifespan of a cat?

They are coming to the burning question of most of the cat owners. Cats get one life to live like humans. Environment, health, and care, food habits can impact how long it will live. How long a cat will live depends on luck in most cases. Domestic cats can live up to 20 years. Because they get more proper food and care comparing to the street cats. Owners can keep an eye on the behavioral change of a cat. Cats that are neutered have the probability of living longer. Neutered cats can strongly prevent diseases. But the breed, vaccination, status, reproductive system, and location can increase the chance of living longer. Indoor cats have a chance to live more because outdoor cats have a chance of accidents and sickness.

The average lifespan of a cat

A cat grows in front of your eyes. It crosses a stage of its life and enters into another stage. Similar to humans, cats have their life stages.

Kitten cat lifespan: 

Who does not love a kitten? At the very early stage of a cat’s life, it is a kitten. At this stage, cats intro with the new things. Everything is new to the cat, the house, the environment, other cats. Kittens have rapid growth by this time. This stage is the proper time for vaccination and neuter for cats. Cats are considered as kittens up to six months.

Junio cat life cycle:

It’s the play and learning time for cats. Cats learn how to play with people and toys by this time. Normally cats reach at its full size in this stage. Cat owners play more with cats when it has crossed six months to become active and playful. Besides, they bring toys to make it engaged. Cats grow soon after six months. But they are cute and finds it encouraging to play at this stage.

Prime cat lifespan:

Your cat will have growth at this stage. After the two years of up to six years, the time is considered the prime stage of cat life. Cats get a young and healthy life by this time. If your cat has not completed vaccination within six months of age, it’s high time to give a vaccine to it to ensure wellness and a strong immune system.

Mature cat life stages:

Cats aged from seven years of ten years are considered as the mature stage. Cats will gain some weight. But if it gains overweight, you should talk to a vet. At this stage, cat owners must look after the cat that it’s taking the right amount of food and showing the proper activity.

Senior cats live how long:

The age of a cat after 11 years is considered as the senior stage. At this age, cats like to have a more relaxing time. They can be a bit overweight.

Geriatric cat lifespan indoor:

It’s the last stage of a cat’s life. Some changes will be seen at this age. They tend to frequently go to the toilet. Cats like to snooze all day on their pillow happily.


Nutritious food impacts cat life

According to research, nutritious foods meet the dietary need of cats and give a healthy life. Cat owners have to provide plenty of food for the cat so that it remains healthy and live more years. Cats love to eat meat. They get it as their primary food. Protein is essential for cat health. They need a sufficient amount of protein. As the digestive system is different based on the cat’s age, adult cats need more protein in a day, even more than average.

Cat owners feel shattered when their cat leaves the world. They can’t tolerate that the cat is saying goodbye. The entire world seems empty to them when the cat is not there. It’s not in anyone’s hand but a few attempts can exceed the cat’s life. Provide nutritious foods, take veterinary advice, reduce health risks, give attention, and love your cat. Remember that your love and affection can provide a long life to your cat.


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