How Much Should My Cat Weight?
Published on:August 3, 2020
How much should my cat weight

Fluffy cats look so cute that attract people to have a touch. But overweight is a noticeable fact. It’s a serious matter to think about for cat owners. Sometimes it has a probability to get problematic health issues. Gaining excess weight cannot lead a cat to a happy life. The problem is created due to overeating or overfeeding. Cat owners should feed the proper amount of food to their cats. But it’s not so easy to notice the change in its weight.

What’s the ideal weight for cats?

The ideal weight of a cat depends on the breed of the cat. Cats should not gain a single more pound of weight. If it gains overweight, it has the probability to grow diseases diabetes, and arthritis. And if it’s an indoor cat, it will be at least 10 pounds. If it’s the Siamese, it should be more than 5 pounds. The main coon should be 25 pounds.

If you think that your cat is overweight, you should talk to your vet. If the vet finds any problematic issue, go through a systematic treatment.

How to maintain an ideal weight?

Cats gain an overweight for eating more and when they are bored of eating the same food for a long time. But it leads to a severe health problem. You can avoid that your cat is gaining weight. If you are giving too many meals but no exercise, you can gain weight. It’s cute in your eyes. But it’s going toward a disease. Most of the pet veterinarian has recommended that overweight is one of the common problems for cat health. What can you do to maintain a balanced weight?

Changing food habit :

If your cat is having dry cat food, you have to feed it canned food. So many cats gain weight when their cat is having dry cat food for a long time. Canned food has carbohydrates and protein. Set a specific mealtime. Changing the food habit has worked in the case of several cats.

Engage inactivity :

It’s not about food all the time. Sometimes it depends on the level of activity of the cat. Try out some exercise or play with it. When its playing or doing other activities, it burns calories. Playing with cats strengthens the bond between the cat and its owner. Playing is one sort of natural behavior of cats. Play with the cat.

Physical examination :

Ensure that your cat does not have any disease. Get a physical examination of your cat. If your cat is heavy, give it canned diet food. Otherwise give it a diet with vitamins, protein, and minerals according to the suggestion of your vet.

Take suggestions:

If you think that your cat is getting weight, talk to your vet for suggestions. You can add a special diet to your cat’s meal. You can add high protein and low carbohydrate foods. But do not keep it without giving food for more than 12 hours. Book an appointment with the trained nutritionist. It can take months to turn into a balanced weight. Check the weight regularly to see the progress.

What are the health hazards of obesity?

Most of the cat faces health problems because of obesity. If your cat is exploring outside, you cannot say about what the cat is eating. When the cat is outside of your home, you have to look carefully. Even it can eat some unwanted foods if it’s out of the home. Eating excessive fat can create an effect on health. Thus it can face heart, joint and digestive problems.

Cats are so playful. If they get joint problems, they find it difficult to move. So if you want to see your cat playing like yesterday, watch the weight after a specific time. Notice changes in its weight and regular behavior. Then talk to the nutrition experts.

Check the weight of your cat once in a month. If you find a big change in the weight of your cat, talk to your vet. Take advice from your vet to maintain a healthy and happier life. Know how you can maintain the proper weight of your cat. Give it the right food at the right time. Do not think that feeding more food will make it healthy.

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