How To Discipline A Cat – A guide for a cat lover
Published on:July 7, 2020
How to discipline a cat

Do you think that your cat is doing something bad or annoying? While your cat is meowing or moving around you, it seems lovely and affectionate that cat parents often find common behaves in cats. But sometimes it’s moving too much or doing something wrong. Cat parents can not tolerate annoying behaviour in some cases. They find no way to make it disciplined and find it disturbing. But the ways exist to make cats disciplined. One question comes in every cat owner’s mind that how to discipline their cat. This article will make you know how to discipline a cat. 

How can you discipline your cat? 

While my cat is misbehaving, I try to make it calm. But find no way to make it disciplined. I have found most of the cat owners have this same complaint. But it’s a common scenario for every cat owner. Your cats will be jumping and hopping around your home and furniture. It’s part of their activity. Sometimes they will start meowing excessively. That’s why it’s not a surprising behaviour. But cat owners want to stop unwanted behaviour. 

And it’s possible if you do some specific things. 

Creating a cat-friendly environment:

Cats are fond of making a mess at the owner’s home. Cats tend biting or to scratch on clothes and furniture. Besides they start fighting with other cats sometimes. These are the simple nature of cats. These are not any sort of bad behaviour. Ensure that your cat has got enough space to explore at home. Create a cat-friendly environment so that it can jump, run, play, and move around. Cat furniture is comfortable to reduce aggressive behaviour. Cat furniture is available at the cat stores. You can get so many elements at the cat stores to make create a cat-friendly environment for your cat. 

Play or show playful activity

Cats tend to play and cat owners love it to see their cats playing. Your cat can show bad behaviour while it is boring. If the cat is not getting enough playtime, it will start to feel boring. Play with the cat while you find any sort of misbehaviour. If your cat likes to chase small things, let it do. If it is playing enough, it will not repeat annoying behaviour. Nowadays, toys are available in the pet shop. Pet toys are more fun for cats. You can buy toys for your cat. Set the pet toys at your home so that the cat finds it a friendlier place. This will create a chance for extra exercise. You will have a fun time while your cat is playing. 

Call the cat

When you find that it doing something wrong, simply call the cat. You can call it loudly. This is enough to resist your cat from doing something wrong. Use specific words to stop the cat. Turn it into a habit to stop the cat by spelling specific words. I think this will work to stop the cat from doing something bad. While you start using some specific words, the cat finds that it needs to stop doing annoying behaviour. You will notice that it is showing a positive attitude. 

Do not encourage bad behaviour

Do not encourage your cat to do the annoying behaviour. If it is discouraged to repeat the behaviour, it will find boring. But do not give any sort of punishment. Because cats like to receive rewards. Discourage your cat to repeat the bad behaviours in several tricky ways. Make it busy with some noisy elements. Put some coin into a can and shake it. If you can make some noise, it will respond to the noise. Besides, you can make sounds. If your cat is aggressive, it will jump on your arm while you make the sound. Using numerous deterrents is another tricky way that most of the cat owners are seen to use. Cats dislike sprays, red pepper flakes, and citrus smell. Some of the commercial sprays are available at the pet shops to use them as deterrents. These sort of deterrents tastes bad to cats. One more tricky way that can discourage bad behaviour is to put the cat in a specific room. This technique is effective for playful cats. You will find a different attitude after the cat comes out of the room. 

Ignore misbehaves

Never hit your cat. Never do that mistake. Hitting the cat never can reduce the misbehave. You can leave it for a while and forget about the unwanted behaviour. Let it stay alone until it comes in positive behaviour. If you ignore the misbehave, it will notice the behaviour also. 

Try not to hurt

While you try to discipline your cat, you should not hurt it. Cats cannot tolerate punishment. As a cat owner, you will never want to hurt your cat whether it is disturbing or not. Physical punishment creates a worse situation. Besides, hurting the cat physically creates a negative impact on the cat. Do not hit or shake your cat. Hurting the cat physically cannot make a cat discipline. It will not stop doing the bad behaviour. 

Giving rewards to make discipline a cat

Cats like to receive rewards than punishment. When a cat is showing good behaviour, reward it. Pay more attention to it. If you reward the behaviour, it will repeat the good behaviour. Give it a playtime for a few minutes. It will repeat the good behaviour. It will crave for getting more rewards. If it is busy doing good stuff, it will not get time to do something bad again. 

Making a cat discipline is a tough thing. If you cannot discipline the cat, you can take the help of your family members or pet trainers. Try to be more affectionate toward your cat so that it comes in the discipline. There is no other option better than spending time with a cat. Cat owners should spend quality time with their cats. Keep it busy with you. Praise it for good behaviour and playing. Make a good and lovely relationship with your cat

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