How to give a cat liquid medicine?
Published on:November 23, 2020
How to give a cat liquid medicine

Cats often find it disappointing to take medicine. Owners experience a more difficult scenario to give the cat. It’s easier sometimes if you know how to give a cat liquid medicine. If you know the right way, it can be a pleasure for the cat. As a cat owner, you have to keep patience. Liquid medicine can be given in various ways. But if you find it extremely difficult, you have to talk to your vet. It will be easier for you as this article will help you give medicine to your cat.

Do you find it tough to medicate your cat?

Most of the cat owners complain that they find it tough to give medicine to their cats. Even they have to struggle sometimes. Cats do not want to take liquid medicine willingly. While you provide liquid medicine, it’s important to know giving medicine successfully. The success of treatment depends mostly on when it takes medication. If you do not know how to give a cat liquid medicine, the treatment will not be successful. You have to keep patience and tolerate its behavior. Some cats are so naughty. And you cannot give medicine if you do not go through several tricks. We want to make you know several tricks and ways to give medicine to your cat.

How to give cat liquid medicine?

Cats often struggle while getting medicines. They don’t like to get things in their mouth easily. Often they resist themselves to take drugs. Even it doesn’t taste good to them. This is why it’s sometimes challenging for cat owners. But if you know a few steps, it can be an easy task for you. Keep in mind that you have to be more patient.

Follow these steps to give medicine to your cat successfully. If you give medicine in this way, it will be friendlier with you.

Take a towel :

Place a towel where you will give medicine to your cat. Keep a large towel there. As your cat is playful, you can wrap the cat with this towel later. This is how you can avoid scratch while it moves. Stretch it on a table.

Prepare the medicine :

Read the instructions on the bottle of the medicine. Prepare the medicine before you give it to your cat. Shake the medicine as you are giving liquid medicine to your cat. According to the veterinarians, you need to shake the medicine before giving every dose. Keep the medicine on a flat surface.

Get a dropper for giving medicine to cats:

As you are giving liquid medicine to your cat, it’s better to get a dropper before. Besides, you can get a syringe. Measure the amount of medicine you want to give your cat. Follow the instruction of your Veterinarian—load medicine into the dropper. Keep the syringe somewhere closer to you.

Prepare for giving cats liquid medicine :

The most important fact to give medicine to your cat is to make the cat prepared before. Bring the cat to the position where you want to give the medicine. Call and give direction to it with a relaxing and happy voice. Position the cat facing you on the towel.

Make the cat inactive :

While you give medicine to your cat, you have to make it inactive to not move during you give the dose. Hold the cat with your hands or ask someone to help you. Hold the hands and shoulder gently. Now the cat will not scratch. You can wrap it with a towel. Fold the towel and wrap the cat in it. Wrap it in a way so that it cannot scratch and safe inside.

Open the mouth of the cat :

Open the mouth of the cat with your thumb and forefinger. Use one hand to open the mouth so that you can pour the liquid medicine with the other hand. Now the cat is forced to open its mouth. Make the head upward.

Keep the syringe in the mouth :

Take the syringe with the other hand. Place it inside the mouth of the cat. Now start to press the syringe slowly. This is how you have to put medicine into the cat’s mouth. Make it to keep the head at a natural position. Repeat in this way until you give it the full dose of medicine.

Once you have finished giving it the liquid medicine, talk to your cat gently. Now unwrap the cat slowly. Rub your cat gently. It can run away but reward it. Every time you use the syringe, rinse it with water. Store the medicine in the refrigerator

Make the medicine tasty.

Please give it a better taste of the medicine. Go through a tricky way. Mix canned food with the medicine and make it yummy for the cat. Cats like tuna fish. You can mix tuna fish or tuna juice with it. Most of the cat owners gave medicine to their cats in this way. Because cats do not like to eat medicine normally, mix up tuna juice with the medicine. While you pour medicine in its mouth, it will taste tuna fish at first. You can mix salmon. It’s a good idea. This is the best way to give cat liquid medicine.


Tips on how to give medicine to a cat

We are going to make you know several tips to give medicine properly to your cat. But follow the instructions of your vet properly. These tips will reduce stress to make a cat get medicine. Sickness is not fun anymore. Cat owners have to try to give it medicine anyway as it’s a part of treatment. I hope that the following tips will help you to give medicine properly.

  •  Read the prescription carefully. Understand the instructions for giving a dose properly. It’s important to follow the instructions provided by the Veterinarian. Follow the prescription until the end of the dose.
  • Before you give it to your cat, wash your hands properly. If you don’t wash your hands, you have a risk of infection.
  • If the cat is always moving, talk with a gentle and soft voice. Do not try to give medicine while it is moving because you cannot control it at that moment.
  • Praise the cat before and after giving medicine. It will make the process easier the next time. When you provide medicine the next time, it will get medicine with a positive mind.
  • Veterinarians recommend shaking the medicine before giving it to the cat. You must shake it if it’s liquid medicine.

If you are extremely unable to give liquid medicine, tell your Veterinarian. Ask him to suggest tablets and gel instead of liquid. Take suggestions from them on how to give a cat liquid medicine.

 Try to make it a positive experience for your cat. Create a positive impression in your cat’s mind. This will make it easy to give medicine in the next days. You will have great success with this technique. If you have more tips, it will be willingly taking medicine at a time. If you have any queries, talk to your vet before you give medicine. Your Veterinarian can suggest alternative ways. We want to see you succeed in giving medicine to your cat.

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