How To Stop My Cat From Bullying My Other Cat?
Published on:August 28, 2020
How to stop my cat from bullying my other cat

Have you ever experienced bullying behavior in your cat? Cats are involved in a conflict with other cats. They start screaming seeing each other. It’s a normal behavior of cats. They cannot tolerate one another. In this kind of situation, cat owners have something to do to stop their cat from bullying the other cat. But do you know how can you stop your cat? It’s a common curiosity of every cat owner. Even they are confused. This article will answer your questions and clear every confusion.

If your cat is bullying another cat, do not get angry. Keep patience and try to make it understand.

What are the best ways to stop my cat from bullying my other cat?

Suddenly I thought that I will bring a new cat to my home and brought a new one. When I brought a new cat, I have faced a horrible situation. As soon as I entered my home, my cat becomes aggressive. It started screaming and jumping. It could not tolerate the other one. My family members helped me to control the situation. After several days, my cat started to bully another cat. I am going to share all the tricks through which I stopped my cat bullying another cat. At the end of the article, you will know how I stopped my cat bullying another cat.

While cats are fighting with each other, it will create a severe situation for them. This kind of situation is risky in some cases. Both of the cats can be injured. Do not try to make yourself involved. Try to make it calm and keep both of them safe. Cats fight can be stressful. But you have to keep patience to help them get out of the situation. Aa you want to stop them from fighting, it will be good for their wellbeing.

Keep both in a safe place :

If they are continuously fighting, keep them separate. Give them different living spaces for weeks. Do not let them see each other for several days. It will be safe for them. Bring your foods, toys, and litter boxes for each of them. Make them reintroduce at another time. Treat them with good behavior until they show good behavior. Encourage them for good behavior.

Never punish :

Do not think that punishment will change your cat’s behavior? It’s a wrong concept. Never try to physio hurt your cat. Never punish them physically. It can turn into a serious condition. It will create fear in your cat’s mind.

Use spray bottle:

Using a spray bottle can be effective to stop cats from fighting. Make sure that water does not hurt your cat. When it shows aggressive behavior, spray water toward it.

Reintroduce them :

If they have started quarreling once, make them introduce once again. You can reintroduce them after a few weeks. After keeping them in separate spaces, make them come into a calm situation. Try to understand that whether they are showing positive behavior or not. Make reintroduce with each other.

Increase playtime :

Increase the playtime of your cat. Sometimes cats become aggressive and angry for the lack of interactive playtime. Make them play with another cat. Make them be more energetic. You can bring some new toys for them. Introducing new toys can be interesting to them.

Some cats are extremely aggressive without any specific reason. Consult with a professional behavior specialist. Sometimes aggressive behavior leads to illness. It’s painful for cats. It’s better if you talk to a behavior specialist.

Whenever I reintroduced my cat with the new one successfully, it chased the new cat. It ran out after the new cat in its safe zone. It never came at an end. But I am thankful that I have controlled the situation gradually. The scenario has changed. Both of my cats are like friends now. They have a friendly relationship. They often play together. They like to eat with each other. Now they look for chances to play with each other.

Why my cat becomes aggressive to see another cat?

Your cat is confident at home. When a new cat enters the home, it cannot tolerate it. If you introduce the cat with the new one, it will be aggressive. The new one will be also aggressive. Both of them will start stalking, scratching, and hissing. They will start screaming. But you have to be patient. Tolerate every behavior. Give adequate water, food, and love for them. Wait for several weeks. It may take time. It depends on the personality of the cats.

How will you realize it’s going to bully another cat?

Introducing a new cat at your home will create a bullying situation for the other cat. In so many ways you will identify that your cat is going to bully another cat. When one cat is chasing another cat aggressively, it’s bullying behavior. Simply a cat becomes aggressive without any reason. You will identify several other behaviors. Your cat will be scratching, hissing, and staring. At some point, it becomes so difficult to control the situation and aggression. At first, you have to identify whether its aggressive or its playing. Try to find out why it’s aggressive. Otherwise, it will be so difficult to stop the cat from doing this behavior. It can be a boring situation for the new cat.

Your cat will think about to protect itself by bullying another cat. When your cat wants to dominate the other, it starts bullying. Even if it introduces with the another one doesn’t mean that it will not bully after few days. Sometimes they feel fear and start bullying. But when you realize it’s going to bully the new cat, Identify the reason. If you do not know why the aggression started, you will not be able to stop it.

What type of aggression can be seen in cats?

I went to my friend’s house to spend some time. Brought the cat with me. My friend has a few cats. Once I entered into his home, it started screaming. I was so astounded to see my cat this sort of behavior.

When the cat is aggressive, you will be noticed seeing several signs such as its erect fur or body posture. Find out the underlying cause behind its aggression. It can be aggressive due to disorders like brain disorder, pain, or liver diseases. It can be due to nonmedical causes. But the signs will be visual. You will understand what kind of aggression it is with several signs.

We are going to make you know about a few types of aggression that you can see in cats.

Fear aggression :

As we have mentioned earlier, cats can be aggressive due to fear. When the cat is aggressive, it can be frightened. It can hiss or spit. It can show a low body position. It will try to attack another cat. But it depends on the situation.

Playing aggression :

Cats like to chase, lay and stalk. Its another form of play. If it starts scratching and biting, it becomes aggressive. In some cases, it’s tough to identify. Because it’s playing so roughly.

Territorial aggression :

Some cats can’t tolerate it if another cat enters into its territory. It becomes aggressive and attacks the other one. You can mark its territory. The cats that are unfamiliar with this sort of situation can’t tolerate it.

Redirect aggression :

When the cat can’t access its target, it becomes aggressive toward other things. If a person enters into its area, it becomes its target. If any other cat enters the area, it turns into its target then.

If you are worried about bringing a new cat to your home, it’s good news for you. You can bring a new one. But it will take a little time. Even you can turn it into a good relationship between them. Cats bullying another cat is not fun anymore. If you are a little bit patient, you can come up with a solution. If you find your cat is bullying another cat, let us know the issue. We can help you with new ideas and tricks. Cats can show different behavior for various reasons. We have tried to make you know several things. But you can go through more tricks.

If you believe that you cannot have more than a cat at your home, it’s wrong. Get more cats at your home.


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