How to tell if your cat has a fever?
Published on:November 23, 2020
How to tell if your cat has a fever


Cat owners become worried when the cat is unwell. Once you find the cat feeling unwell, you can think about that have it got a fever? But how can you identify that it has a fever? Whether it’s about a cat or human, the only option to specify fever is to take the temperature. Temperature from 100.4° to 102.5° is considered as a normal temperature. If it’s more than 102.5°, it’s known as fever in cats. It can cause other diseases. In this kind of situation, you need to talk to your vet. This article will tell you everything in detail, including the signs, treatment, and how to take care of your cat if it has a fever.

 What are the causes of the fever of a cat?

When you identify that your cat has a fever, talk to a vet. The vet will recommend several tests. From the result of the trial, the vet will determine the cause of the fever. The health history of your cat will help the vet identify the grounds of the madness. If you go to the Veterinary Center, bring the documents of the health history.

Humans have several causes of fever. In the same way, cats have so many reasons to get a fever. But most of the cats get a fever for bacteria. It’s a common reason for cats getting a fever. In some cases, cats can get a fever without any reason. In this kind of situation, you have to talk to your vet. Take care of your cat according to his suggestion.

Fever can result when a cat has the following reasons :

  • Tumor
  • fungal infection
  • Injury
  • Medications

 If it has a fever without any reason and the fever stays for two weeks, it is called a fever of unknown origin.

 How can you take the temperature of your cat?

After taking the temperature of your cat, you can be sure that it’s suffering from fever now. Take the weather with a pediatric rectal thermometer. It’s the recommended way to take the temperature. It’s better to use compared to a glass thermometer. It’s available at the drug stores near your home. Besides, your vet can also give you. Know how to use it properly before. This thermometer will provide a signal when you need to check the reading. Before you start to take temperature, ensure that you have a thermometer, alcohol, paper towel, and petroleum jelly.

  • It’s recommended to shake the thermometer before every use. The mercury will remain below 96°. Now hold up the light and rotate the thermometer.
  • Get someone to help you. Hold the hands of the cat warmly.
  • Insert the thermometer into the rectum. Do not force or give pressure to the cat.
  • Once you get a signal, please remove it. Leave it for two minutes.
  • Make it clean with alcohol. Now read the thermometer.

If you follow these steps, you can check the temperature without the help of a vet.

 What are the symptoms that your cat has a fever?

Several symptoms are visible when humans get a fever. In the same way, signs are visible in cats. Cats with fever will be lethargic. It will start to feel weak and dehydrated. Besides, it will gain an increase in heart rate. Your cat will come up with other physical symptoms during a high fever. If it’s a playful cat, it will be so calm.

Do not use a mercury thermometer for taking temperature. If it breaks, it can cause harm to your cat’s health. Ensure that you keep the thermometer far from the cat if it’s a rectal thermometer. Though it’s not so comfortable, it’s better to use a rectal thermometer to take the temperature.

 How can your cat record from fever?

Every cat owner wishes that their cat recovers soon from fever. But it depends on the reason for the fever. If it’s not a major infection, the possibility to recover is good. If it’s just a minor sickness, the possibility of recovery is high. But if it’s a severe condition, it will take more time to recover. Besides, cats in this condition need more treatment and extra care.

After the treatment, once your cat returns home, monitor it carefully. Take proper care and give the right food. Provide medicine at the right time. If you see that the condition is worse after the treatment, get back to your vet again. Follow every instruction recommended by your vet. Finish the full course of medicine. Please give it a sufficient amount of water until it has fully improved. Bring change to the meal according to the suggestion of your vet. Provide nutritious foods.

What is the right treatment for the cat having a fever?

Once you identify fever, please take it to a vet quickly. Your cat can look well. But it will be a wise decision if you see a vet within 24 hours. If it’s a high-grade fever, it will turn into a serious condition. The vet will suggest tests and examinations as part of a regular checkup. Thus you will know about the actual cause. While you see the vet, tell him the recent health history of your cat. Tell about the treatments and vaccinations. Once the cause is identified, the treatment will be started.

 Antibiotics can be the right treatment for cats with fever. It will not be easy for your cats to take medicine. But you have to give medicine after taking the temperature. If you cannot provide it with medicine, take the suggestion of your vet. The vet can suggest pills or liquid medicine. We have discussed in one of your articles on how to give liquid medicine to your cat. If you find it difficult to provide medicine to it, you can read the article. We have discussed good and safe ideas.

 Provide a sufficient amount of water

 Fever can be a reason for dehydration. This is why your cat must be getting sufficient water. Keep fresh water closer to it. If it doesn’t want to drink willingly, provide water with a syringe. A cat with a fever will want to sleep more. Keep water within its reach. It will be more thirsty during this time. But do not give milk while it’s sick. Milk can cause vomiting and diarrhea at this time.

Cats can’t say that they are sick. But cat owners have to identify the cause of its sickness. If you find that your cat is feeling unwell, talk to your vet immediately. Do not give any medicine without the suggestion of the vet. Take the advice of your vet. Take care of your cat properly. Cat owners become sad when their cats suffer from fever. But following the instructions of the vet, you can make it feel well.

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