How To Wash A Cat?
Published on:September 26, 2020
how to wash a cat


Cats do not want to take a bath willingly. They find it a stressful experience. But there comes a few scenarios where your cat can’t avoid taking a bath. If it smells dirty, bath it. If it’s in medical condition, it needs medicated shampoo. Generally, cats show a negative reaction while taking a bath. But as a cat owner, you can make it a stress-free experience for your cat. Some cats never need to take a bath. But taking a bath is necessary. If it’s extremely dirty, it must take a bath. Some cats enjoy being in the water. But what about the cats that do not want to take a bath or enjoy water? This article will tell you how to wash a cat. Know the ways how you can wash them in a cool way.

One morning I found that my cat is not at home. Even it has not taken any food. After a few hours, I found the cat into the home. But I have noticed that my cat is looking nasty. It has rolled with dirt. Quickly I thought that it can be affected by germs. My family members were scared also. I thought that why shouldn’t I wash my cat? I just decided to clean my cat and make it germ-free. Whenever you find your cat dirty, do not make a delay, and wash the cat.

Make it to bath willingly

Before you get your cat to take a bath, you will make it to take a bathe willingly. Otherwise, your cat will bite or scratch. Choose a time when your cat will be a clam. You can pick a time after feeding it. If it’s still anxious, play with your cat. Besides, you can bring some toys. Keep the toys on the tub. Leave it to play for a few minutes. Then add water in the tub. Besides, you can get a special toy to play with it in the bath time. It can be a mouse or anything else which will float in the water. It will make your cat more active and inspired. Now it will start to take a bathe willingly.

Why do you need to wash your cat?

It’s a common question asked by so many cat owners. Why should they wash their cat? Yes, you should make your cat clean. You have to give much effort to clean the cat. Cats also like to keep themselves clean. There are so many reasons why cats need to take a bath. In some cases, washing the cat is necessary and more beneficial.

How to take preparation before washing your cat?

While you are going to wash your cat, prepare with every single thing. You already know what you need to wash it. Keep towels, shampoo, and clothes near the bathtub. You need to prepare yourself also. While washing the cat, you will get wet. Make the bath area warm for your cat. Make the bathtub comfortable. Do not keep any sort of scary objects. Your cat can be scared. Do not make the bath temperature hot. That can be uncomfortable for your cat. Try to wash your cat from the above easily. It is less stressful. Keep the door of the bathing area close.


How can you wash the cat?

Bathing or washing cats is a bit tricky. You can give food at this time. You can assist anyone else to help you to hold your cat. Do not make the cat scared. If it’s frightening, it will start to bite or scratch you. If it starts to bite, talk to your vet. Talk to an experienced vet who can deal with the nervous cats.

Pour warm water in the cat bath. Lower the cat into the water. Do not overfill the cat. Then the cat will be anxious about you. Mix a little amount of shampoo into the warm water. You can use a medicated shampoo. Concentrate on the underside of the neck and tail of the cat. Do you think about to keep its ear dry? That’s well but do not put cotton wool inside the ear of the cat. If you put cotton wool inside the ears, it will not be able to hear. It will be stressed. It will be best if you can keep the ears, face, and head dry.

When you are going to wash your cat, pour warm water with one hand. Now you can protect the eyes and ears of your cat. If you rinse the cat with conditioner, it’s more important to hold it with one hand. Once you have fully rinsed it, shake off the excess water. Washing cats is simple if you know the way properly.

Do not fight with your cat while it’s taking a bath. If it is scared, it can start to fight. Do not show or let it recognize if you are nervous. Because it will respond in the same way if you are nervous.

Care about washing the cat

Cats generally like to be in warm clothes. After taking a bath, they prefer to be dried with a warm towel. Dry your cat with a hairdryer. Keep it in a dry room. Let it dry naturally. You should prepare a warm towel before you wash the cat.

Reward after washing

Giving rewards to the cat after every particular activity is a must. If you give a positive association, it will be encouraged to bathing again. You can reward your cat differently. Give your favorite food to it. You can give it exceptional treats. They will find it a delicious treat. Once they get a delicious treat, they will willingly take a bath the next time. You can praise it saying that it is a good cat. Give it more attention. If it is not loved, it will be scared. Give it much affection after the bath so that they feel comfortable.

Cats do not need to wash in general. But in some cases, you feel that you need to make the cat clean. If they have rolled into dirt, they cannot wash by themselves. In this sort of situation, cat owners have to wash off the cat properly. Sometimes owners struggle to wash cats by themselves. Ask someone to help you to hold the cat. Turn it into a positive experience. It will feel good. Create a routine to wash the cat.

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