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The Kitty Curator aims at providing better quality cat care and treatment. We are known as low-cost vet Los Angeles and affordable vet services. We are ready to take extensive care of your cat. We are committed to the pet owners to provide the best care. Our staffs are helpful to satisfy the cat owners.

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Our Values And Mission

Kitty Curator works as the most trustworthy Los Angeles veterinary center. Our mission is to ensure the healthy growth of the cats and the total satisfaction of the cat owner. We have the best vet in Los Angeles. 


What We Do

We ensure the highest care of every cat with a personal touch. As a Los Angeles veterinary center, we try to give a healthy life to cats. We provide after-treatment service and nursing care. 

Wellness care 

Every pet owners concentrate on the healthy growth of their pets. Pet wellness and protective care are at the core of keeping the pet well. Undoubtedly you can trust our pet care team to get the best pet wellness care of your pet. Daily physical examination is a part of our wellness care. Physical examination of cats includes immunization, counseling for nutrition, and dental care.


Vaccination is a must for cats. When its a kitten, it needs specific vaccination requirements. The adult cats have specific vaccination requirements. Cats of all ages have different risks for infectious diseases based on their lifestyle. Immunization at the proper time is essential for them at every stage.

Physical examination

It is highly recommended for cats to get physical examinations twice in a year. Cats get a lot of change within a specific period. Through a physical examination, we get to know the normal conditions of your cat.

Dental care 

Cat owners know how important is dental care for cats. But some cat owners do not find it much important. During the wellness examination, we do an oral health assessment test of the cats. Cat owners can go for dental care at home. In some cases, we recommend home dental care.

Nutrition counseling

Nutritional foods are more essential for the healthy growth of cats. Cat owners become worried about the diet of their cats. We help the cat owners with nutritional diet and exercise recommendations.

Spay and neuter

We provide high-quality spay and neuter at our hospital. We understand that our spay and neuter service is good for the cat owners as well as the community. We have an offer of free and low-cost spay and neuter service for cats. As it can save lives, get our spay and neuter service for your cat.

The Best

Best cat hospital in Los Angeles

A cat hospital can create a more reliable connection to your cat with you. We know that you have a special relationship with your cat. Kitty Curator is the best cat hospital in Los Angeles for providing the highest care and treatment for cats. Our team of professionals is guiding the cat owners at every stage of their cat’s life. We ensure a healthy life and veterinary treatments for your cat.

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Pet Loss

End-of-Life Care

We help to make the cat’s life more comfortable while reaches the end of life. Through a few simple changes, we make their life happier. We educate the cat owners on how to take the best possible care and support for their health. At this stage, cats can face different conditions like sleeplessness or anxiety. We help the cat owners to improve their home, diet, well-being, and medical support.


From Our Pataint 

This cat care center is outstanding!

The doctors, nurses, and staffs were so helpful and supportive. They have checked my cat with carefully and suggested more precautions. Every staff treated my cat with much love and care. The treatment and environment of the hospital were superb. I recommend this cat care center for every cat’s parents. Thanks to all the staff for being there for my cat.


I am extremely happy with this cat care center. The doctors are professional knowledgeable, pleasant, and efficient. I have never imagined getting any cat care center like this. I have gone to many cat care center before. But their treatment procedure disappointed me. I am always thankful to the doctors. They are very caring.



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