Why Does My Cat Bite Me Unprovoked?
Published on:August 28, 2020
Why does my cat bite me

A common question arises in a cat owner’s mind that why their cat bite unprovoked? While cat bites, often it’s avoided. They often do not bite being aggressive. Once you learn the body language of your cat, you can identify the reason. It’s annoying behavior and a cute one also. Sometimes cat owners enjoy it when they are playful. But when suddenly it bites, cat owners become astounded. They can’t find out the reason. Because aggression is not the cause of every bite. At some point, they cannot think about how to stop this behavior. This article will make you know why does your cat bites you. Learn about the reasons why a cat can bite its owner and how an owner can stop it.

Why your cat bites you?

My 10-week old kitten use to chase me and bite on my fingers. It moves around me and bites on my finger suddenly. It was used to play with me in this way. It was one of its habits to bite my fingers. I was so happy with this sort of behavior. But at some point, I thought that why it bites me unprovoked. After analyzing for a while, I have found these reasons. I am going to share these reasons with you. You will find that your cat is biting you for these reasons.

There can be a lot of reasons while the cat bites you. But you have to identify the reason if you want to stop it biting. Every cat has different reasons for a bite. Owners are confused about the reasons to bite. In some cases, they want something from you. As you do not understand, they start to bite you. Let’s have a look at the reasons why your cat can bite you.

As it’s a kitten:

Kittens are used to bite the cat owner. They are so playful. But sometimes they are hunters. Play biting is a common nature of most of the kitten. But do not let them bite people easily. Do not let them play to chase you and bite on your fingers. You can think that it’s a funny attitude. But it’s not amazing behavior. Do not turn it into natural behavior. Growing cats show this behavior. You can go through one trick. Bring some toys for it. Keep plenty of toys to make them busy. Give them some time to play with these toys.

Sudden bite :

Suddenly biting is a natural behavior. But it’s so disappointing and upsetting behavior. You are sitting on the chair and talking to your friend. But your cat bites you suddenly. You will be annoyed by this behavior. Most of the time, cat owners become annoyed at this point. But do not be disappointed at this point. It’s normal behavior. They try to communicate with you in this way. They are not aggressive. They are excited and suddenly want to tell you something. They repeat this behavior.

Aggressive bite :

Cats can be serious at a time and they can bite you aggressively. This time it can be deep and infected. Try to avoid the cat when it’s aggressive. If it’s aggressive, you will realize from its body language. If it has bitten you, take medical advice. At first, you should wash your wound with soap. Then consult a doctor. Do not think about to punish the cat. Punishment can bring a negative effect. Cats become aggressive when they find no other way to make you understand something.

Love bite :

Cats use to bite sometimes for being affectionate toward the owner. It’s a common thing that small cats use to bite. There is no problem with this kind of bite.

How can you stop biting?

Train your cat so that it does not bite anyone. It can bite based on different reasons. Take actions based on their biting behavior.

  • The first thing you have to do is identify the reason. It’s not so easy to identify the reason. Once you figure out the reason, come up with the solution. If it feels unloved, give it extra time. Do not ignore it’s any sort of behavior.
  • Reward it for its good behavior. You can give it punishment for annoying behavior. Whether you punish them or reward them give it immediately. Now your cat will realize why it’s being rewarded or punished.
  • When you find it to bite you, call it by its name. Speak loudly and show that you are angry. Cats do not respond to normal behavior. They respond to loud voices.
  • Respond to your cat differently. Response to it when it asks for something. When they meow in front of you or rub your legs, it wants to say something. Turn it into a habit. Then your cat will communicate in this way instead of biting.
  • Do not show negative behavior. If you show a negative attitude, it will be scary to ask you for something. Do not punish too much.

Cats need attention

Sometimes you are busy with something and you do not give much attention to your cat. But it needs your attention right now. It has no other way to convey this and make you realize. Then it starts to bite. It will start to move around you and try to say something. If you do not respond, it will start biting. If you ignore it, it will bite more. Cats need attention when you do not hear them.

Spend a lot of time with your cat whenever you are at home. Every day plays with the cat for some specific time. Give food at the proper time. Respond properly whenever it seeks for attention. Try to understand what does it wants to say. Your cat will also notice whether you respond to it or not.

What should I do if my cat bites aggressively?

If your cat has bitten you, you don’t have time to make a delay. You have to take immediate action for a cure. It’s dangerous when cats bite aggressively. You need immediate treatment. It can cause infection. In most cases, it’s harmful. Talk to a doctor if a cat bites you. Within a few hours, you will feel pain in the infected spot. It’s so risky if you do not take immediate action.

Let’s have a look at what you should do :

  • It’s the first task to flush out the germ on the wound. It can lead to more bleeding. But you have to make the bacteria out of your body.
  • Now wash the wound for 20 minutes according to the doctor’s suggestion. Wash with soap and clean the wound.
  • It’s time to talk to a doctor. He will suggest a tetanus booster vaccine.
  • As you have already talked to your doctor, keep the wound clean always. If you feel pain again or find a rush in the area, see your doctor again.

Hope that you have read every point carefully. Most of the time owners are confused and think that why does my cat bite me unprovoked. Now you understand why cats bite and when they use to bite. Get to know what your cat wants to convey before it bites you. Cats never bite without any reason. Maybe it doesn’t make sense to you. Spend more time with your cat. Bring toys for it. Encourage it to play and spend time with you. But never encourage it to bite. Train them at an early age that they should not bite. Make them realize that this sort of behavior is not acceptable. Create a strong and loveable relationship with your cat.

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