Why Does My Cat Follow Me?
Published on:August 8, 2020
Why does my cat follow me

Have you noticed that your cat is following you? Most of the cat wants affection from their owners. It’s so lovely when cats move around the house following the owner. Most of the cats are affectionate toward its owner. When you are sitting, it loves to sit on your lap. Some cats prefer to stay closer to the owner. There might be so many reasons when the cat is following you. Cats are loyal and love unconditionally their owners. If you have a loveable bond with the cat, it’s a common thing that the cat is moving around you. There can a lot of reasons for that a cat is following you. If you want to know the reasons why your cat follows you, you have to read this article.

Why the cat follows humans?

I have noticed uncountable times that my cat is following me and moving with me if I have food in my hand. It follows me and goes to the kitchen. Tries to smell the food in my hand. Wait for a while and mews to get some food. If I don’t pay attention, it feels sad. In so many different times I have found my cat following me. It followed me to get my attention in some of the cases.

Cats have different reasons following humans. Sometimes it follows their mother when it’s a little kitten. They are one of the independent creatures. They like to follow you because of the loveable connection with you. It’s following you the way it follows it’s the mother. Is not it so loveable?

But what’s the cause to follow you? We have found several reasons. We want to share it with you. You will understand the reason while your cat follows you.

It’s hungry:

One common cause of following you is food. When its the mealtime, cats tend to move around the owner. It will follow you. It gets up in time and walks following you. They follow the owner to the kitchen. Best if it sees food in your hand, it will follow you.


Sometimes the cat can simply follow you. They can be curious to see your activity. They want to see what you are doing. Cats are more interested in the activity which is restricted to them. They can make a mess in the room but they are more interested to enter. Cats are deeply concerned about what the human is doing.

Get attention :

One of the most common behaviors of cats is moving around or following the owner to get their attention. It starts to mew and scream. Maybe its feeling bored and needs your attention. Domestic cats try to get attention in this way. At this time, give attention to your cat. Try to make it engaged in different activities.

Miss your absence:

Sometimes you are out of your home for a long. Maybe you are at your office or work. But your cat is missing you all day long. When you enter your home, it starts to follow you and meow. Cats tend to follow the owner if it sees after long.

Need affection:

Sometimes it is not letting you do anything. It’s following you and moving. It’s the following because it loves you. It wants to stay closer to you. And it’s feeling jealous if you are doing anything else. In this case, give attention to the cat. Cats show their affection in several ways. They have their way to show that they want to be attached to you. If you pay a little attention, you will notice that it wants to indicate that it wants to spend time with you.

For playing:

Cats use to play most of the time in a day. If it’s a playful cat, no doubt that it will be playing more. If your cat does not go outside, it will want to play with you. Your cat can wait in one corner of the room to chase something. Maybe it’s playing with you. They get it as their fun time. They need more fun with you.

Need help:

Your cat can feel pain. It can feel uncomfortable. In this case, the cat will follow you. It tries to make you understand that it needs help. You can wonder why it’s mewing. It indicates that it’s scared. When street cats are in this kind of situation, they suffer a lot. They want food and help from humans.

Feeling bored:

Do you believe that cats can feel boring? Cats can feel anxious and bored. You have to notice that and make it feel safe. You can bring some toys for it. Cat toys are available in the cat stores. Besides you can create a stimulating environment at your home. It will the best idea. When it’s boring, you have to entertain it. If it’s a domestic cat, it can feel bored at home. Let your cat meet with new people and new foods.

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Getting injured:

Getting injuries are obvious. Cats often get injuries from fighting. Check that whether your cat is suffering from any sort of wound or not. Give much attention to the cat when it gets injured. If you notice any sort of condition like this, you have to go for a vet. If it is a minor injury, it will overcome.

Take time and have patience

We have mentioned several reasons already. But there can be so many reasons that are why your cat is following you. It’s not impossible to find out why it’s following you. If you are a little conscious you can identify. But do not get dissatisfied or disappointed. You have to keep your patience.

It can need some food as it can be hungry or in need of other stuff. But if it’s not meowing, it simply needs your affection. Understanding the body language of the cat will make a more strong connection with you. As it’s living with you, you will understand what it indicates. At a time you will love your cat more than ever.

If I say about my cat, I love it when my cat is moving around me. If it mews following me, I feel loved. I think it shows affection in this way. Even I love it when my cat is following me. You already know why your cat follows you. You can understand its language. It will make the bond with your cat stronger. It’s one sort of behavior. But you have to identify the fact what it does indicate.

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