Why Does My Cat Meow So Much?
Published on:June 30, 2020
why does my cat meow so much

oWhy your cat meow so much?

Are you distressed or often feel uneasy that your cat meow so much? Then you need to read this article. Cat owners are disturbed sometimes because the cat meow continuously. But the owner does not find any clue why its mewing so. When it is constantly meowing, maybe it wants to convey something to you. As long as you understand, it will stop mewing. But why does your cat meow? And in which conditions it starts meowing? This article will tell you in brief. As a cat owner, you will know why the cats meow and what it does want.


When your cat meows excessively?

Once your cat is meowing, it can be a matter of distress but its calm when it comes to you. It is now normal and behaves friendly. What’s the reason behind meowing excessively? Sometimes the cat meows because it loves to make a sound. But in some cases, there are several reasons for its constant meowing.

We have researched several cats and found numerous things that cause cats to meow excessively. There can be a lot of reasons for meowing non-stop and we are going to share some of them with you. If you are a cat owner its important for you to know these causes so that you can identify every time what is happening to your cat.

Seeking attention :

The main cause of excessive meowing is the need for attention. Maybe you are busy with your works and not paying attention to your cat. If suddenly it notices, it starts meowing. As you are not giving much attention, maybe it is boring. Give attention to your cat. Spend time with it. Cats want to spend time with their owners as they find the owners trustworthy. Besides cats want to play with the owners. Play with your cat and if you can bring some toys for it. Playful cats love to be active always. Sometimes you are giving it much attention, playing with it, and spending quality time. But instead of that, it is meowing still. It is seeking more attention. In this situation do not ignore and respond always.


Sickness :

One cause of excessive meowing of the cat can be sick. Normally when a cat is sick, it starts to mew unless it is well. But the owner has to identify whether the cat is sick or well. Cat owners identify the sickness of the cat with several signs. If it is feeling unwell and meowing excessively, it will not show interest in foods it will in need of attention. When cat owners find a new behavior in their cat, they should talk to a veterinarian without making any delay. Cats cannot say that they are sick. But they mew excessively and the owners must realize.


It is hungry: Think about it before asking why my cat meow so much?

Many people asking why my cat meow so much? In most of the cases, cats start meowing when it is hungry. They meow often for food. Cats cannot say when they are hungry. But when they are hungry, they mew nonstop. The owner has to be conscious of this. When you find that the cat has furnished eating and the bowl is empty, you have to give it foods again. Ensure that your cat is taking food at the proper time. It will walk around the kitchen. It will run around you. If its dinner time, it will run around and start meowing. Lots of cats do this when they are hungry.


When more active:

Cats ate more active in some cases. Cats are more active all day long. Most active cats like to play from the dawn to dusk. If the entire house is sleeping, it remains active for hours after hours. Most of the cats tend to be active at night. Cats become hunters at night. They hunt rats and other insects at night and meow sometimes.


If it is in the heat:

Cat owners know that cats meow excessively when it’s in heat. If you have not spayed or neutered your cat, it will non-stop meowing while it’s in heat. You have to be prepared to hear more noise. Cats start to scream while it’s in heat. During this time they make noise loudly as they feel pain. The one thing you can do to get rid of this is to get neuter your cat. Besides you have to show super affectionate behavior toward your cat.

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What can you do to stop excessive mewing?

As a conscious cat owner, you must ensure the health issues first. You should ensure that your cat is physically well. Go for a veterinarian and make sure that there is no wrong with the cat. Have a regular check-up and work according to their advice. Let the cat do the things that make them cheerful and active. Give it more food and give the food that it wants to eat. Feeding the cat properly and keeping it active will satisfy your cat.

Keeping the cat satisfied with feeding proper food have a great impact overall on the cat and its regular life. It can not be easy to know what the cat does want. But you look after the cat and know about the body language of the cat that in which situation it mews.

If your cat tends to meow non-stop, do not be disturbed. Do not punish the cat in this sort of situation. Try to redirect it so that the behavior problem gets solved. Try to make it more playful and spend time with it.

Every time cat mews in a different sound. Every sound has a signal. But cat owners have to understand while it is mewing as I have already mentioned before. This article has already given an answer to your curiosity.

Being caring and compassionate toward cats is the main way of its betterment and wellness. If its demand for attention, sit beside it, spend time with it, and touch it with affection. If the cat is meowing much, try to figure out why. If you cannot find out, go for the veterinarian. Do not ignore it while it is meowing. Because it wants to convey something.

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